Friday, September 14, 2012

How to on Wild Kratt's creature power suit

Here's all the stuff I used for each shirt.
(not interested in making your own?  search on creature power suit on ebay, i'll help you out!)

 Recycle some cardboard and cut out a circle size.
                 = 3 3/4" and 4" for the center of the paw.  Either is bigger than the disk.
                 = 1 1/2" for the paw toes.
                 = 1 1/2" square for top of shirt
                 = cut two squares above and then one in half for the rectangle.
                 = clear circle (hard to see but on the right) This circle is actually too big, I trimmed once sewing was complete.  The same size as the center paw is good.
I used the clear stuff to make a pocket out of the whole thing.  they had their disks in the front for current animal, and storage in the back as we went along.  Tried using iron on stuff for the felt, but most of them came off, so I sewed them on (this example is just the iron on stuff for the paw toes)
The clear stuff is what you'd cover a table with.  I found this at ACE hardware, but have also purchased at JoAnns and Hobby Lobby.  You wont need very much, I bought 1/4 of a yard for 20 shirts.

Here's all the games we played.  I numbered afterwards vs rewriting the list.  I organized the yard to set up a few games ahead of time.  I'll post detail and photos on the games in a different post.  We had 10 disc powers in all.  2 were just given in their coloring book they picked when they left (Animal Planet kind of books along with some fun facts I got from another blogger.. I'll post later too)  We used the butterfly for snack/cake time because I made Popsicle vs the traditional cake.  They loved it!

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